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"Best little town in Kansas"

~Rich Heritage; Progressive Future~

      Montezuma is located out on the Kansas plains, 27 miles west of Dodge City, Ks. You will find a town named for an ancient ruler of the Aztec empire. In fact, the main street through town is called Aztec street. Montezuma is a prime example of a little town that not only can survive in the heartland of America, but can thrive. 

      Montezuma has an elevation of 2785 feet and is home to a population of 988 people. While most small towns in southwest Kansas are concerned with the decline of population and losing businesses, Montezuma continues to grow. Several businesses have expanded and new business ventures are on the horizon. Our little town is pretty self-sufficient, including a medical clinic, nursing home, drug store, grocery store, hardware store, coffee shop, library, gift shops, and a wonderful little cafe that serves the best homemade pies.

      Montezuma's main industry is agriculture and Ag-related businesses. The main crops in our area are wheat, corn, beans and milo. The area farmers also run livestock, mostly cattle and there is a large feedlot located 5 miles west of town.

      Montezuma is home to the very first wind farm in Kansas, Gray County Wind Farm. It is located just east of town on Highway 56 and consists of 170 wind turbines. It generates enough electricity to power 33,000 homes. It has been a big economic boost to our town and we are now known as the Wind Farm Capital of Kansas.

       Montezuma is home to the South Gray Rebels.  The South Gray Schools are comprised of Copeland USD 476 and Montezuma USD 371. They include an elementary and Jr. high in Copeland, KS and an elementary and high school in Montezuma, KS. We proudly hold numerous state championships in basketball, track, cross country, and golf.

     Be sure and stop by the Stauth Memorial Museum while visiting town. It opened in 1996, and is an architectural marvel as well as having outstanding traveling exhibits provided by the Smithsonian Institute and other national and international traveling exhibit services. 

      Montezuma is truly the "best little town in Kansas" with a rich heritage and and a progressive future where our citizens take great pride in their homes and businesses, making it a great place to raise our families.



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City of Montezuma

300 W. Geronimo St.

Montezuma, Kansas 67867

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